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We are all ready for Hytale and ready to start this creative community! Hytale Items will be a custom skin and item website where you can upload or browse custom designs. Make your avatar unique and personal.

We are in development and have a sign-up form ready down below.

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Our Features

Hytale Items will be your favorite skin and Items website!

Our vision is to be one of the best Hytale skin and item librarys with hundreds of your unique designs. We want to help grow this creative community and allow creators and players like you to be able to add to it! You will be able to browse, upload, download, and rate your favorite skin/item creations!

Designing the best user experience!

We are closely following along with Hytales plans to create the perfect user experience on our site. With the news that Hytale will be using the CraftStudio software as their base model builder, it will make it extremely easy and fun to create your models. Once Hytale has released you will be able to use our models with a custom Hytale server hosting when building your server. Hytale has announced that their version of the model maker will allow collaboration between users in real time! With the announcement of this feature we will be introducing a creator tagging system into our posts. The creator tagging system will allow you to tag other users as a collaborator in your posts. The item posts can be categorised with hashtags, liked, shared, and downloaded. Each item post will also have a detailed page where you can see images and the description of the model.

Users will be able to select a unique badges to represent their profile: creator badge, model badge, texture badge, animation badge...

Lets build this collaborative and creative community!

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